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Becoming An Expert In Marvelous Designer


A tutorial dedicated to the tools and techniques inside of Marvelous Designer (version 9)

From the UI to sculpting mode, the tutorial captures all the aspects of the program helping you tackle the creation of the garments, finding solutions to problems and encourages to think outside the box.  

The tutorial is suitable for hobbyists and professionals. The skillset you will learn can be applied to the video game, film and collectables industries as well as for clothing design and visualisation.  

Almost ten hours of professionally narrated and edited content. 

Table of contents: 

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  • Videos

1. The One Fundamental Thing About Marvelous Designer 

2. Useful Things About The UI 

3. Texture vs Background Image 

4. Select and Orginise Part 1 

5. Select and Orginise Part 2 

6. Using Match Up 

7. The Secrets Of The Right Click 

8. Avatars 

9. Adding And Customizing Volumes On The Avatar 

10. Understanding Warp and Weft 

11. Garment Fit 

12. Measurements 

13. Direct Positioning Or When Your Avatar Has Legs For Arms 

14. Smart Arrangement And Superimpose 

15. Seams And Sewing 

16. Fold Angle 

17. Many Things About The Lines 

18. Many Things About The Points 

19. Cutting Smartly 

20. Smooth Curve 

21. Pinning 

22. Tacking 

23. Press And Turned Sewing Line 

24. Seam Taping, Bond and Skive

 25. Materials and Presets Part 1 

26. Materials and Presets Part 2 

27. Materials and Presets Part 3 

28. Pleats 

29. Sketching And Marking 

30. UVs To Patterns 

31. Stitches 

32. Trims 

33. Buttons Part 1 

34. Buttons Part 2 

35. Buttons Part 3 

36. Buttonholes 

37. Piping

38. Zipper 

39. Topology 

40. Retopology 

41. Wind 

42. Dealing With Overlying Garments And Collisions 

43. Taking Care of Garments With Steaming And Strengthening 

44. Solidify And Morph Target 

45. Simulation 

46. Modular Configurator Part 1 

47. Modular Configurator Part 2 

48. Modular Configurator Part 3 

49. Animation Mode 

50. Sculpting Mode 

51. UV Editor 

52. Import, Export, GoZ 

53. Custom View 


  • Images used in the tutorial.
  • Marvelous Designer scene created for the tutorial.


Release Notes


I've come to realize that some people prefer to follow the steps in the videos using the same as asset. I apologize for not being respectful of this. I've uploaded the master MD file that I used throughout the tutorial.



Standard Use License
License: Standard License
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For personal use and one commercial project (up to 2,000 sales or 20,000 views).


One copy to be used by a single user.

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One installation by a single user.

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